ada diaconescu

“if we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” [Albert Einstein]


General Chair of
SASO 2017

Sabbatical leave
at Leibniz University, SRA, with Prof. Christian Müller-Schloer
(March-August 2017)
(April-August 2016)

Keynote talk
at SISSY'16
(with ICAC 2016) on
Goal-oriented Holonic Architectures

Invited talk at ECSO'15 on
Autonomic computing: autonomic management in open multi-objective computing networks
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Please contact me directly if you are interested in doing a PhD, a Master or an internship project in one of the related topics

Past events

co-Organiser of
Dagstuhl seminar on
"Social Concepts in Self-organising Systems"

November 2015

Dagstuhl 15482

co-General Chair of ICAC'15:

ICAC '15

co-PC chair of
SASO 2014

co-chair of
Demo Session
at SASO 2013

Co-organised MAASC 2011 workshop

Current Position

Tenured Assistant Professor ("maitre de conferences" in French) (since October 2009)
Systems, Software, Services (S3) team,
Computer Science and Networks department (Informatique et réseaux - INFRES),
Telecom ParisTech, Mines-Telecom Institute, Paris-Saclay University, Paris, France

Research Interests

autonomic computing and organic computing;
complex autonomic systems, self-organising and self-adaptive systems;
software engineering, component and service-oriented approaches;
decentralised control systems, controlled emergence;
interdisciplinary solutions for managing software complexity;
smart grids, smart cities, pervasive / ubiquitous systems, data-mediation systems;
nature-inspired computing systems, artificial life.

Previous Experience

Expert Research Engineer (May 2007 - September 2009)
Adele team, LIG laboratory
Joseph Fourier University
Grenoble, France

Teaching and Research Assistant (demi-ATER) (September 2007 - August 2008)
ENSIMAG - Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Telecommunications,
INPG - Grenoble Institut of Technology
Grenoble, France

Postdoctoral Researcher - Orange Labs (2006 - 2007)
France Telecom Research & Development
Meylan, France

PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computing (2002 - 2006)
Performance Engineering Laboratory
Dublin City University, Ireland

Postgraduate Research Engineer(2000 - 2002)
TELTEC Laboratory
Dublin City University, Ireland

MSc (BAC+5) in Computer and Software Engineering (1995 - 2000)
University Politehnica of Timisoara, Romania


phone: +33-(0)1-45-81-8072
fax: +33-(0)1-45-81-3119
address: equipe S3, departement INFRES, Bat C, Lab 220-8
46, rue Barrault - 75013 Paris, France